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We don't teach Yoga – We show you how to get to heaven YOGA WORX


YOGA WORX energizing and transforming people with the full flavour of Yoga

We introduce you into the invisible infrastructure of all yoga practice, consistent with the goal of all classical yoga traditions.

It is a highly developed system of using both physical (outer) and subtle (inner) methods synergistically in our development toward our highest potential and real happiness.

We integrate active Yoga (Hatha Yoga), passive Yoga (Thai Yoga Massage), therapeutical Yoga (Integral Yoga Therapy) and Yoga Philosophy (ancient wisdom of the Yoga scriptures) into the perfect blend customized just for you.

Who is

YOGA WORX shifting consciousness from individuality to unity

Yoga-worx was founded by Yashoda after 20 years of extensive experience in the practical, philosophical and therapeutical aspects of Yoga. Its mission is to spread and share spiritual practice and knowledge with Yogis of all levels of experience. Yoga-worx offers its gifts to those who love to practice, heal, learn and study.

Just as all rivers join the ocean, all knowledge merges into Self-knowledge. The programs aim to offer practical methods, therapeutical care and theoretical knowledge on the spiritual foundation of Yoga. The services offered are designed to awaken your inherent desire to achieve Self-Knowledge and Bliss. Know Thyself and Be Free!

True knowledge is not just theoretical, but also practical. We truly only have the knowledge of that which we have experienced, practiced and assimilated. Therefore, Yoga-worx places equal importance on theory, practice and care (metta).

Experience & Certifications

Yashoda has taught Sivananda Yoga since 1995. She is a multiple certified advanced Sivananda Yogateacher, E-RYT 500, student of Yoga philosophy since 1995, currently a PhD candidate (thesis topic: philosophical principles of healing in reference to the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali). She is also certified as a Thai Yoga Massage Therapist (Lotus Palm) and earned a professional Yoga Therapist degree in the US (IYT Integrative Yoga Therapy) and in europe (IEK german institute for relaxation techniques and communication).

Teaching style

Yashoda incorporates elements of unconditional love by building awareness in friendliness, joy and equanimity among all souls.



YOGA WORX raising the vibration from fear and disconnect
to powerful love and connection


Experience the physical and mental benefits of your Asana practice. A consistent Yoga practice quiets your mind and refreshes your body, bringing health, relaxation and happiness.


Enjoy the ultimate relaxation experience while Yoga is done upon you. Soft stretching, palming and thumbing along the body´s energy lines.


Tailoring Yoga practices to your individual needs. Yoga therapy is more effective than general Yoga practice as a safe means for treating medical conditions.


Get spiritual direction based on the Yoga Sutras to transform life challenges into personal growth.


In residence guidance through mental and physical issues or health problems that stand in the way of your well-being. The one-on-one scenario at home is the best way to make all the positive Yoga changes permanent in your life.


Karma Yoga means selfless service. In order to bring the benefits of the vast healing practices of Yoga to as many people as possible one weekly donation based session of your choice is offered. Just call us.


Enhance your practice and transform your physical, mental and emotional well-being whether you’re just starting out or are already deeply yoga’d in. Private Yoga classes are also offered, so you can practice on your own schedule in our dedicated location with individual attention from a well trained and highly experienced instructor.

At Yoga Worx classical hatha Yoga is taught in the lineage of Swami Sivananda. A class usually lasts 90 minutes and integrates breathing (pranayama), a warm-up (sun salutation), 12 basic postures, known as the Rishikesh series, and their variations (asanas), relaxation (savasana) and a short meditation.


Experience this uniquely relaxing as well as energizing body treatment, which is an ancient form of healing based upon Yoga and Ayurveda practices. It is believed to originate from the time of Buddha.

Thai Yoga Massage techniques differ from the scooping strokes of Western massage; it is described by some as a kind of passive yoga. TheThai Yoga Massage method uses two primary procedures, applying deep, consistent pressure to specific nerves, tendons and ligaments, and a wide variety of passive stretching movements manipulating the muscles and skeleton in order to balance the functions of the body.

Your body will regain flexibility and ease of movement, and the quiet meditative atmosphere gently promotes a calm alertness. Tension and toxic material is released from the joints, muscles and connective tissue. The movements also help to adjust the skeletal structure, relieve muscular and joint tension, and stimulate the internal organs. Together these actions result in a comprehensive full body treatment that improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the body energetically.

I work with clients on issues ranging from simply relaxing and soothing massage therapy, on into sports therapy, pain-issue therapy, plus unique and difficult issues such as acute or chronic pain.

Thai Yoga Massage is performed on a mat on the floor; both client and practitioner are dressed in comfortable clothing allowing ease of movement and flexibility. Thai Massage is a strictly professional, therapeutic massage practice.

If you are a first-time client, please come a few minutes before your appointment to complete an intake form or you can download a pdf version. Please bring the completed form with you to your appointment.

Download: Personal Health Form


Yoga Therapy integrates the principles and teachings of Yoga with Western science and medicine. It’s a way to directly address specific health challenges. It compliments allopathic medicine by placing equal emphasis on the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of being, which only function optimally when there is a state of dynamic balance. Yoga therapy’s greatest goal is to guide each client in their own deeper awareness, greater understanding, and movement on their continuum of healing. The holistic treatment offered on a variety of physical and psycho-emotional conditions is assessed and facilitated with individualized tools.

These tools range from

- yoga-based postures
– breathing techniques
– focusing techniques
– visualizations
– chakra-readings to facilitate the energetic system
– a variety of individualized relaxation techniques.

The assessment process involves

- A postural assessment
– Testing the joint range of motion and muscle strength.
– Looking at your breathing patterns and other aspects of your energy body.
– A non-judgemental discussion of your beliefs and personal needs.
– Your ayurvedic constitution is also taken into account to determine your dosha (constitution).
– Ask specific questions regarding digestion and lifestyle.

The Yoga Therapist adapts and individualizes a specific set of postures and therapeutic movements, breathing techniques, focusing and meditation tools, while catering to your lifestyle needs. Individual and customized treatment plans are the hallmark of Yoga Therapy.

The Yoga Therapy process is based upon the Panchamayakosha model of Yoga, recognizing our human existence as consisting of 5 sheaths or layers:

* Anamayakosha – the physical body and its systems
* Pranamayakosha – the energy body and breath
* Manomayakosha – the psychoemotional body
* Vijnyanamayakosha – the watcher state or higher mind
* Anandamayakosha – the bliss body, higher consciousness and the enlightened state


Most physical, emotional, and mental conditions are benefited greatly by Yoga therapy. These include, but are not limited to:

*Addictions *Asthma *Back and Neck Pain *Cancer *Poor Circulation *Depression *Emotional Stress * Low Energy *Osteoporosis *Parkinsons Disease *Poor Posture *Muscle tension/overall stiffness *Poor balance *Sciatica *Scoliosis *Weak Immune System

The goal of the Yoga Therapist is to help you manage your condition, restore your balance, increase your vitality, and re-awaken to your essential nature.

Steps of a Yoga Therapy session

1. Your personal session begins with either an email (you can begin by filling out the Intake Form), a telephone call or the first session.

2. An assessment session. This assessment includes your intake form, a body scan and then a thorough postural, breath and energy analysis. At this time we’ll look at your specific areas of concern.

3. An ayurvedic assessment will be done to get a more thorough view of your needs. You will leave this session with a plan in place to begin your healing path.

Each session will take approximately 60 – 75 minutes. Come prepared to learn new things about yourself as you release the old patterns that no longer fit your new goals.


There are 2 kinds of philosophy: Speculative and applied. All Yoga philosophy emerges from practical experience. The scripture which superbly compiles and distilles all ages of experience of master Yogi´s and Rishi´s is the “Yoga Sutra of Patanjali”. With the study of the Yoga-Sutras your Sadhana (spiritual practice) becomes complete. The Yoga Sutras define human consciousness and reveal an accessible way on how to unfold it with a range of practical modalities.

By exploring Yoga philosophy´s principles and techniques your life situation is set within a bigger context, showing you how to unite these two complementary scenarios into a methodology for reestablishing balance and meaning in your life. Focussing on the vision and wisdom of Yoga philosophy will give you the protocol for its in-depth practice not only for a specific challenge but life in general. The practice of advanced philosophical techniques will more and more become the rationale for addressing your life concerns, freeing you from pain and suffering while simultaneously expanding your interconnectedness with all beings.

Applying Yoga philosophy to give you spiritual guidance works like this:

You tell me about what you are going through in your life and I give you the perspective of the Yoga Sutras on it. You realize, o.k. I have an irritant here and I am feeling in a certain way. And we ask, based on the scriptural wisdom, how it can be transmuted. By applying the teachings and the practices of the Yoga Sutras to exactly that challenge which is causing the friction we find how you can turn it into s.th. higher which ultimately sparks your evolution (YSP 2.1).

Seen in the Yoga scriptural light your life challenge becomes a means of liberation and will leave you like the sky opening up above you, allowing you to get some fresh air in the midst of what felt like a tight constricting situation just before.


If you prefer to work with a Yoga health professional in the privacy of your home for 12 hours up to several days at a time, you are ready for a Live-in Health-Mentorship experience. When it comes to taking on board big new life ideas, it makes for a more close-to-normal-life experience than decamping to a retreat. Usually people really struggle to incorporate the new wisdom and practices when re-entering normal life. A one-on-one home scenario also provides great flexibility, especially for people who get thrown off from a rigid schedule.

If you can make changes at home, you can take them everywhere. And being with clients 24/7 is the best way to make those changes permanent. It makes people realize health is something you pursue and cultivate constantly, not just in your yogaclass.

So get customized support on how to shift and transform exactly your life patterns onto a higher energetic and healthier level. In the intimate space that the work takes place, positive life changes as discussed, adapted to your individual life situation and applied under guidance have a deeper impact on your routine and a stronger transformational power. Having your health-mentor live with you, makes what she is doing much more relevant to your life.


Karma Yoga means selfless service. In Yoga philosophy it is seen as a very potent means to Self-realization. My contribution to make the powerful tools of all Yoga techniques accessible to all people who prioritize their health, wellbeing and spiritual growth, is to offer one weekly session that is strictly donation based. If you feel that this is a calling for you, just choose your favourite Yoga branch and contact us for a karma Yoga based session.

Come and be ready to experience a full treatment session and leave just what feels right for you in an unchecked box. Let s transform the world body by body.


YOGA WORX journeying from the selfish to the selfless state

I have been a student of Yashoda’s for approximately four years now. When I am able to study intensively with her, I feel and look better than ever (not that yoga should be about looks, but still). Her commitment to the teachings of yoga and her deep understanding of its principles make her classes authentic, enjoyable, challenging, and educational. There’s nothing more that a student can ask for as far as I’m concerned.


I received a 3h thai yoga massage which sent me to heaven and released all pain from my torn rotator cuff. Thanx.


As a Parkinsons patient I needed support to get to my Yogatherapy session. After the session I could get up by myself and walk unsupported. Whew!

Sivananda Ashram

Yashoda is a valued and reliable member of our Yoga Teacher training team. With excellent interpersonal skills she taught college students, seniors, business
people and celebrities.

Sivananda Ashram


YOGA WORX: health is wealth, peace of mind is happiness, Yoga shows the way.

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